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patrizio's birthday

last sunday vanessa, lukus, and i had the privilege to celebrate patrizio's 16th birthday with him and his family. like i said in a previous entry, this family is wonderful! so full of love!they decorated with streamers and balloons, bought a cake, and then we all sat around the table with the lights out and birthday candles burning. and "whoughff" the candles were out. the lights come on and everyone sings out, "cumpleanos feliz..."! vanessa and i started cracking up...if any of you have experienced a birthday at my parents house, you would know that my family has like 7 birthday songs sung in a row at every birthday celebration. it is a tradition that my grandmother started years ago. anyways, vanessa and i were cracking up because the lasso family also have like 7 birthday songs they sing for the birthday boy/girl! it was an ecuadorian version of my family's birthday tradition! but i experienced a new tradition with the lasso family. after they had sung, given gifts and eaten cake, patrizio, the birthday boy, got up and made a speech to his family and his grengo family. ( by the way, grengo is not a derogatory word here. it simply states you are la foreignor).

he had words for the family as a whole, and words for each individual. he verbalized his love for each family member there. it was so heart felt...everyone was tearing up or crying. after receiving from his family he then gave back words of gratitude and love. it was simply beautiful!

we then listened as alex, the mother, and her 3 sons sang to the guitar strumming of their wonderful grandfather. the five of them harmonizing right there in the dining room.

like i said before, this family has been and continues to be the most wonderful part of cuenca!

Kevin and Mandie
9/30/2009 12:16:47 pm

So glad to hear you guys are doing well and having lots of fun!

10/1/2009 08:46:58 am

Hi Bethany,
We are praying for you guys and know that God is using you in ways you don't even know. I am sure you are falling in love with the people and culture there. Be patient and rest in the Lord and shine where you are, that is all God expects of us. You are gaining a world view that very few people ever achieve. You are and will see the world through God's eyes (most never will)Enjoy it and remember He said my yoke is easy and my burden is light--rest in HIM. We miss you guys and Chad and I are looking foreward to seeing yall in a few days


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