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  a guy friend of ours bought a new pair of pants. he was bragging about how good he would look in them the next morning...i saw him the next morning, but i saw no new pants! i said (amongst a large group), "what? i was expecting to see your new pants!". the brits at the table looked a bit suprised! i knew i had said something wrong, but what? one guy, tactfully informed me, in the uk, pants means underwear!!! whoops!!!
needless to say, we are now in the uk for a week and a half: )
after leaving amsterdam about a week ago, we started out by visiting some missionaries in berlin. the conversations we had with them were incredibly informative on what is going on in berlin, as well as the needs of berlin. we were able to be involved in one of their group worship times, as well as with a prayer house...we have been so blessed to meet such beautiful, dedicated people! berlin for me, was a city of many colors! there are all types of people, and a huge problem with human trafficking and prostitution! there is so much need all around us!
we are now in england for a week and a half, visiting a few different ministries. lastweek we went to a faith center on a university campus. there were students with a need for friends, and some with searching questions. is was really cool to be there. we still have about 2 weeks left of this networking portion of our trip. after this, we are planning to go to asia for a month to work with a few organizations there. as some of you know, i lived in asia for 2 years, teaching english with a friend. she is still living there, and is our main contact in asia. she recently got engaged! hooray! and they have decided to have the wedding while lukus and i are there. so the first bit of our time there will be helping with the wedding, and then the rest of the month will be working with other people there. i will blog more about that later...
we have our  visa, but we do not yet have our airline tickets. we are lacking the funds to buy them. we need to leave by june 3rd, so that means we needed to buy our tickets yesterday: )
i realized i have been praying for the money to come in, but had not let anyone know of the need! we are lacking around $1,600 to get us to a if any of you could help financially, it would be greatly appreciated. we will keep you updated on our happenings and what God is doing around the world!
thanks for your time and perseverance through this lengthy update: )

Here is the address money can be sent to:
ATTN: Culture Shock Trip/lukus & bethany hess
P.O. Box 793
Waxahachie, TX 75168
(Make checks payable to Network 21 Mission, Lukus & Bethany on the memo line)

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