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Rosanne Hennesy
10/26/2009 02:00:38 am

Bethany & Lukus:

I loved your video blog! Not boring at all. It is nasty wet here in Texas and the island looked like paradise. :) We are praying for you and you're right...attack is the only word you can really use to express what happens when you put yourself on the line like that. Hang in there! There is a support you can't see with your eyes but I pray that you feel it in your heart and sense the strengh that only comes from God. Understanding is a big deal when you're thrown in with other christians and the only way to reach a genuiine love is to stick with each other even when the feelings aren't there. But you know that, you're married! :) We'll be praying specifically for relationships. Keep the blogs coming even when you don't think its interesting....because it is and we love to see your beautiful face and hear lukus hiccup!!! Priceless.


10/27/2009 03:04:18 am

Hey Bethany and Lukus:
We had a great time with yall and really hated to leave. I am sure you are doing a great job teaching English and getting to know the people in the Galapagos. You two are on an exciting adventure, and I am so happy that we get to share it with you. While we were with you it seemed like God was telling us you all just needed time to rest before beginning a new month. I hope we were right, it felt right. Remember we are here for you ,if you need us to do anything let us know. Also skype us some evening. "Dios les bendiga"

Jennifer León
11/20/2009 11:29:11 am

it's good to know that there are people who really cares about others, who leave all their things and country just for helping and blessing us. Thank you both for your heart, and for listening God's calling, you're a example to our lives.
Be blessed


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