Bethany Hess        Network 21 Missions
We recieved a phone call last night from my family.  My mother was having intense pain in her chest, shoulder and jaw, and finding it hard to breath.  My dad said she lost all her color and asked to go to the hospital.  They arrived there safely.  They did an EKG and it came back normal, and an enzyme test, and it was normal as well.  They kept her overnight and will continue to run some test.  When i spoke with her last night, she was feeling like herself and not suffering from any pain.  She believes God intervened and that is why the test came back normal!  Please be praying for my mom, and that the other tests will show no problems!  I know God can heal, so please be agreeing with me in this prayer.  Thank you!
 I will post any new happenings.

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