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Well I am back again with more of what has been going on with us as a team and me as an individual.

While out with the medical team from Indiana Wesleyan, we met a family that is living here in Cuenca. They are serving as a pastor to missionaries in Ecuador as well as surrounding countries.

You know when you meet certain people and you immediately enjoy being around them…you just like them from the very beginning? This is how it was with them. While talking with their sixteen yr. old son, we told him of where we are staying while in Cuenca. He went on to tell us that they live very close to there. (This conversation happened a little more than a week ago.)

While here in Cuenca we have had some people to work with, but we have also had quite a bit of down time… so earlier this week, we decided to start contacting some of the other ministries we had met while here. We really wanted to see this family again, but we did not have their contact info, and even worse, could not remember their names. Yikes!

Tuesday morning, Vanessa, Lukus and I were walking to the bus stop like every other morning, and Lukus spotted a blonde hair lady walking down the side walk. Lukus discretely ran after her…and yes, it is the family we wanted to see again! They live about a 3 minute walk from where we are staying.

We stopped by their house on Wednesday and chatted for a bit, and ended up going to their house for dinner that night. It was a great time of fellowship, and we had spaghetti! Yum, yum! My stomach has been a bit if-y while here in Ecuador, so it was nice to have something that was familiar to the tummyJ . This family is so hospitable and a lot of fun to be around. It was cool to hear about all that God has done since they arrived here last January. They actually invited us over for dinner last night as well. We had steak, mashed potatoes, and veggies…it was oh so tasty. They also have wireless internet at their house, so that is how we have been able to post our blogs! We have traveled to the center of the city many times, but the internet connection is just not very dependable there! So thanks to this loving family, you all are able to read these entriesJ .

Today is Friday and we are leaving to go to another city to work with a sister church this wk.end. We are preparing three or so lessons to do while there. Jordan, the families 16 yr. old son, is going with us to help translate the lessons. He is truly a God send!

I am not the best writer, but hopefully through all these words, you see God’s provision for our team. It was amazing how we found this family, how they helped us post all our blog entries, and how their son is a vital part to this weekend!

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