Bethany Hess        Network 21 Missions
The health fare in Parke de la Madre

A team of nurses from Indiana Wesleyan University came to Cuenca to do a free health fare for over a thousand people. There were many tents set up as different stations, some taking blood pressure, some checking your vital signs, checking your eyes, getting free glasses, and so on. There was also a tent set up for the ninos, the children. This is the tent I spent two afternnoons inJ . We had all kinds of coloring papers, crayons, bouncy balls, beaded necklaces, comic book Bibles, hair ties, pencils , and candy for them. I passed out some of the stuff, but the majority of the time, I did face painting. It was so cute to paint their little faces and then see them light up when they looked in the mirror. As you know, I do not speak much Spanish at all. But, I was able to ask them their name and what they wanted painted(in Spanish)…the simple things, but they were so appreciative for any effort that was made. It is amazing the affect that it has on children and adults alike, when you call them by their name. It was a really great spending time with the kids!

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