Bethany Hess        Network 21 Missions
our time away has been a good experience thus far...
i am constantly learning more about what the kingdom of God actually looks like. 
right now, i do believe that God has directied lukus and i to take this year to go and see what He is doing in different cultures and in different areas of need, and serve wherever we are needed. 
in order to continue doing this, lukus and i still need around $15,ooo to get us through the year.  i am asking you as my family in Christ to pray about giving a one time donation or monthly support to help  us finish what God has directed us to do. 
please do not feel obligated to give....i truly desire for you to pray to see where God would have you place the money....whether it be lukus and i, or else where!
thank you to  all of you who have given, and have been faithful with monthly support...we haven't missed a meal yet:)
love, love

you can make out checks to Network 21 Missions,
 and get sending info on

11/16/2009 07:26:58 am

Hey Lukus and Bethany,
Well, you will be on your way to the third place already in a few hours. I know that God is doing a work in your lives, and showing you how big his family really is. As you leave each place you are leaving behind new friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ. You are enriching lives along the way, and sharing God's love with people who will never forget the time spent together. Our prater are with you always, Rodney and Voni


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