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here in the galapagos we have been teaching english at the church.  we  have classes monday through thursday from 7-9 pm.  vanessas and i are teaching the beginner class, and lukus and estrellita are teaching the intermediate/advanced class.  during the days we  are usually planning for the classes...sometimes for vanessa and i that includes going to the interenet cafe and looking up many, many pictures to use for the class.  we then go back to our host home and make power point slides for the class.  and think up activities that apply to the topic.  we just finished our third week of classes.  it has been really cool to see the progress in their english.  some of our students only knew how to say hello when the classes begin.  they have been such hard working students.  our class usually runs around 30 people...varying in age.  we have one more week of classes here in the galapagos....we are sad to have to leave our faithful students/friends!  we have also been doing a few other things spread throughout the week.  every week people from the church go to surrounding areas to meet new people and establish relationships there.  last week we went to santa rosa.  lukus and i were grouped up with marialisa.  we went to a few different houses meeting the people there and seeing if they had anything they wanted prayer for.  one lady, luz maria, who is pretty up there in years, was so full of laughter.  it was wonderful to be around such a fun spirit! 
while here, we are also helping marialisa with the children's service on friday afternoons. 
the church here has been so welcoming and appreciative.  every time we go to a church service they bring us each a bottled water (which is really nice b/c it is pretty hot in there. no AC).  anyways, they are just really hospitable people!!!
something we are need to strive for.  hospitality was one of the main things the early church was known for. after  being here,   i think we need to get back to those roots.
well, i better be off.  love you all! 
miss you all!
11/10/2009 06:51:42 am


I wish I could be there to hear how much your class has learned. I am sure you and the rest of the team have no idea of the impact you made and are making on the people and church there. I know that you have had an impact that will pay dividends in eternity.


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