Bethany Hess        Network 21 Missions

so the journey really has begun! we, with the help of many awesome people, pulled off a huge sale to start off the fundraising process.  it was a great success! thanks to chris for letting us use the white rhino parking lot, and the donations from too many to name, but thank you, and all those that came to support us!  it was so exciting/encouraging to experience people's generosity!  i really can't say thank you enough!  lukus and i know God will provide b/c we are certain he has directed us to do this trip, but when the people around you are excited as well, and so very supportive and loving, i just can't describe how precious that is. 

there is now talk of a spaghetti dinner, a sunday tea, and many other i'll keep you guys posted.

*also, if you would join us in prayer for ecaudor...that is the first place we will be going.

thanks all!  thanks for showing the love of Christ!  you're awesome! 

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