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i am a list person.  what does that mean?  i enjoy writing list.  i enjoy checking things off my list.  i enjoy starting yet, another list.  so in preparation for the changes ahead, i have been making many list.  some on paper. some in my head.   and in doing so, i have found myself incredibly overwhelmed and anxious.  
i guess today, lists are not my friend! 

my sister recently reminded me of a certain scripture.  
"the God of peace will soon crush satan under your feet." Romans 16:20
she then pointed out something very interesting...
it says, 'the God of peace will crush'...
it does not say, the God of wisdom, or the God of strength, or the God of almighty power.  it says the God of peace.

is that why it is so hard to be anxious for nothing?  or to not worry? to not look at the list of today and panic? 
because satan knows that the God of peace will crush him?  
'crush'.  not the friendliest of words that's for sure!

a lot needs to happen before we leave for the year. a lot of money needs to come in.  and many list will probably need to be made.
but, i(we) have the God of peace available if i allow Him to be that in my life.  
if i can ask, if anyone is reading this, will you be praying with me that i actively live this truth?  

*something you don't know...
this is my 2nd time writing this blog entry.  with only 2 or 3 sentences left in this entry, suddenly, it disappeared! poof, gone!  i thought that was not be anxious bethany!  yes, it is passed your bed time, but you can write it again: )

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