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as some of you know, lukus and i are staying at the YWAM base here in amsterdam.  while here, we have done a variety of things, the latest being, helping staff a TESOL school.  it is the same course i took before teaching english in 2003.  you may be wondering...did we know we would be doing this when in amsterdam?  no, we did not : )
my beloved TESOL instructors are here in amsterdam doing a TESOL course for 12 students.  the crazy thing is, they were scheduled to come in january, but Gene(the husband) had an emergency heart surgery, postponing thier arrival to mid-march.  we were scheduled to be here around may, but our itinerary changed, and we arrived here beginning of february.  to sum it up, we are here at the same time, and they needed staff for the course (which is 6 weeks long).  what does that consist of for us?  lukus is leading an intercession group thoughout the week, as well as taking care of legistics for the school...visas, book orders, students practicum, etc.   i am tutoring people when needed, helping with evaluation of student teaching, doing "hospitality" type stuff like making meals on the weekends, leading work duties and so on.  (lukus is also helping me in the kitchen...sweet husband!) it has been quite busy, but good.
a lot needed to happen for this course to take place, and it would have been impossible for the instructors to have done it we have been excited to be able to help fill that need!  there is another couple that have stepped up to has been such a blessing to work along side them!  one of my favorite things about this TESOL staff is that is consist of 3 married couples...the instructors who are in their 6o's, mariluz and dave, in their 4o's,  and us in our 20's!  it has been a blessing to  have other, more mature:), married couples around us! 
this blog is getting a bit long, so i guess i should cut it off. 
thanks for all of your prayer and support.  we could not do this without the continued love from all of you dear friends!!!

4/11/2010 05:11:03 am

We get frustrated when our plans don't go the way we wanted, but, then God shows us that he had it under control the whole time. We really miss you guys and know God is doing great things in and through you. let's skype soon. Rodney and Voni


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