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Well, after a 12 hour bus ride, we are back in Amsterdam!  We will be here for about a week before we head off to Asia! 
Our time in Harpenden, England was very good!  We were able to stay at the YWAM base and learn about what is taking place in London, Luton, and Harpenden, England.  The base was in a beautiful location, with woods in the back of the property for some nice daily walks.  It is amazing how much you hear God speaking when you remove yourself from all the noise of life! 
As most of you know, the Olympics will be taking place in London in 2012.  With this comes a huge opportunity for all types of ministries to be released and birthed. 
During the Olympics and World Cups, human trafficking reaches a high!  The last world cup, they estimated 40,000 -60,000  men and women were trafficked in to meet the sexual demand!  The clencher for me, the men and women remain there.  Somehow the demand does not go down after the tourist leave! 
The Harpenden base is now in the process of coordinating YWAM International's approach to this issue focusing in on the Olympics.  They are also bringing together other organizations that specialize in different areas of human trafficking. 
We were able to be a part of a few meetings with the team working on this, as well as pray with them.  What a rich time it was!!

In Luton, there is a spirituality and faith center on the university campus.  We went to the center and met many people of all different faiths and backgrounds.  Young people from all over the world, gathering together to build relationships and continue in their faith.  We visited the center a few times while in staying in England........we now have some new, wonderful friends on facebook! :)
And now, as i mentioned, we are back in Amsterdam before heading off to Asia.  We are not sure what day we will be leaving b/c we have not yet purchased our tickets.  Since the last blog, we have received $1,100.  Yay God and yay friends!!!
Because ticket prices are going up, we still need around $800+ to leave by June 3rd(which is our tentative departure date).  If you have any questions on what we will be doing there, we would love to share in a personal email.  For security reasons it is not wise of us to post the details here:)
Thanks for your understanding!

As for my next blog, i will be sharing about a process that God has been taking me through!  God is so good at timing!  He knows us all so well!  Anyways, this blog is now lengthy, so i will expound on this next time!  Until then, love you all, and appreciate your prayers more than i can say!!!!!!

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