Bethany Hess        Network 21 Missions
this is one of those times, i know i have to be transparent, but don't really want to be...but, i will.
the last week or so has been incredibly hard for us! 
lukus and i are still in amsterdam. 
it is now the 6th or june, and we were hoping to have left for asia by the 3rd of june.   
i am suppose to be hosting my friends  bachelorette party on the 10th.  and her wedding is on the 12th. 
i have been asking God, why are we still here?  why do we not have the money for our plane tickets yet?  do you not realize i am pregnant and i am having a hard time being strong in faith?  my hormones are all over the place! 
it has been a bit of a stand off between  God and i lately! 

on friday, we spent the day with some friends.  i shared some life experiences with my two girl friends.....talked  about our identity, and life before and after marriage.   at the end of our day together, one of my dear friends began to share how God had been using lukus and i in her life.   she spoke of our openness,and  the Godly characteristics she sees in our marriage and our friendships with others.   i was immediatly in awe of God!  you know, lukus and i see our arguments, our struggles to have a God-centered marriage.  but He has taken everything that is good in us, and brought it to be the thing that she saw!  in our weaknesses He is shown strong!!! 
the next morning we had breakfast with another dear friend.  we had a wonderful chat about what God is doing in her life as well as ours.  as we went on to tell her why we have not left for asia yet, she seemed surprised....she said she has not seen any wavering faith in us....that  our spirit still seemed to be standing on His truth!  once again, i was in awe of
God!  he had again thrown the waste into the shadows and only allowed the postitive to show through!   i went to the bathroon(well, i am pregnant), and was thinking....................................
if we had our money for our plane tickets, we would have been gone by now.  we would not have had this precious time with these friends .  and God used it to leave a mark on their  lives, as well as ours! 
i know i see a fraction of the picture, and God sees the entire thing....i know He is good, and i know He provides! 
so, do i know when we are leaving for asia?  yes. 
when the money comes in:)

please be praying for:
-us to be alert to what God wants to do with us while  we are in waiting.
-lukus and i to stand on truth and not let circumstances dictate our thoughts.
-for the money to come in soon.

love, love